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Your teeth are the strongest substance in your body. They are even stronger than your bones. Even though they are strong, however, they can still suffer damage and decay. These issues can affect the strength of the affected teeth, and place them at risk for developing dangerous infections. Encino Cosmetic Dentistry can treat damaged teeth with crowns.

Effects of Tooth Damage

Damaged teeth require an examination right away. Even seemingly minor issues can turn into something more serious if not addressed right away. Without treatment, tooth damage can worsen over time. The tooth can become weak, which can lead to splitting or shattering. Damage can also allow bacteria into the inner layers of your teeth, which can then lead to a serious, and painful, tooth infection.

What is a Crown?

A crown is a dental restoration that is used to treat a damaged tooth. It is similar to a cap, designed to resemble the size and shape of the tooth it is covering. A crown encases the entire visible structure of the tooth, holding it together to prevent further damage. It also helps to prevent infections and restores the strength of the tooth.

What are Crowns Made From?

Crowns can be made from one of many different types of materials. These include:
•  Metal. Metal crowns are the strongest material. They can withstand some of the strongest chewing forces and are practically indestructible. They also require the least amount of enamel removal. However, metal crowns are also the most noticeable, being silver or gold in color.
•  Porcelain fused to metal. Porcelain fused to metal, or PFM, crowns, have a metal base that surrounds your tooth, providing it with the same protection as a metal crown. There is also a porcelain coating, which provides an aesthetic benefit. In some cases, however, the metal can be seen through the porcelain.
•  Ceramic. Ceramic crowns provide the greatest aesthetic benefits. They are made entirely from ceramic and look exactly like your real teeth. Ceramic can be stained to perfectly match the color of your surrounding teeth. It also reflects light, just like real tooth enamel.

Placing Your Dental Restoration

Placing a crown requires two appointments. At your first appointment, we prepare the damaged tooth. This process requires removing a portion of the enamel to make the tooth smaller, which ensures that your crown will fit comfortably and naturally in place. We then take an impression of your mouth and place a temporary crown. This temporary restoration helps to provide your tooth with protection.

Your impression is sent to our dental lab, where it is used to design and fabricate your custom crown. Once the crown has been completed, you return to the office for your second appointment. During this appointment, we place your final crown to make sure it fits properly and is comfortable. We also assess your bite. If there are no adjustments needed, your crown is bonded into place.

Benefits of a Crown

A crown provides many benefits. These include:
•  Protecting the tooth from further damage.
•  Preventing infections.
•  Restoring strength and allowing the tooth to function normally.
•  Protecting a root canal.
•  Preventing the need for an extraction.

It is important that you seek treatment as soon as possible following tooth damage. A crown can help to restore the strength of the affected tooth and protect it from developing an infection. Call Encino Cosmetic Dentistry at (818) 783-0408 to schedule your appointment today.

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A crown can help to restore the strength of the affected tooth and protect it from developing an infection. Call to schedule your appointment at (818) 783-0408.
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