What Happens to Your Teeth if You Struggle with Chronic Dry Mouth?

Posted on 9/25/2019 by Roberta Cerveny, DDS
What Happens to Your Teeth if You Struggle with Chronic Dry Mouth?If you are one of the millions that suffer from dry mouth, then you know this can also come with a lot of other oral problems you don't want.

Being able to keep the mouth moist is going to help with many things beneficial to your health and smile. Your teeth are less likely to break down, they're less likely to decay, and they are less likely to have any issues.

Learning more about having a moist mouth and the benefits that come from having one can ensure that you protect your mouth, while also being able to reach out to your office if you find that you do need help due to having a dry mouth often.

Dry Mouth Can Cause Problems

Dry mouth can cause the teeth to hold bacteria and multiply this bacterium in a short period of time. This can cause the teeth to break down with time. The bacteria turn into decay, and this decay turns into cavities, and if the cavities are not taken care of then they can turn into an infection. You don't want this to happen to you.

Having this bacterium in the mouth can be reduced or even eliminated by addressing the dry mouth issue, brushing regularly, and drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated. You need to ensure that you're keeping your mouth and body as hydrated as possible.

If you're dealing with dry mouth, give our office a call. We can schedule a time to have you come in and have our dentist take a look. We want to work with you to provide you with a smile you need and want. We can work with you on the many solutions that are out there to help you have better overall dental care. Call us today to come into our office.

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