What to Look For in a Powered Toothbrush

Posted on 8/20/2019 by Roberta Cerveny, DDS
What to Look For in a Powered ToothbrushAre you in the market for a powered toothbrush? If so, there are several things to look for before you make a purchase. Consider these factors to find the right brush for you.

Power Source
One important consideration when purchasing a powered toothbrush is the power source. An electric toothbrush is usually rechargeable, while a battery-operated model is typically easier to transport and less expensive. Rechargeable brushes have additional considerations, like whether they use a charging stand or plug directly into the wall.

Ease of Operations
A powered toothbrush should offer simple controls that lead to comfortable use. You should also select a brush with a brush head that is a size you can easily move around in your mouth.

When it comes to investing in a powered toothbrush, durability is important. These brushes already have additional costs associated with them, as you'll need replacement brush heads periodically. Research brands ahead of time to find one that offers durability that will lead to a worthwhile investment.

Toothbrush Settings

Many powered toothbrushes have a choice of brushing modes. While the general cleaning mode is really the only one that you need, many consumers love the sensitive or massage modes. Some of the most advanced brushes might also feature whitening.

Another must-have in an electric toothbrush is a feature that helps you to keep track of how long you have brushed. A timer is a good option, as it will ensure that you are brushing for the appropriate amount of time before the brush turns off. You should also consider whether a brush offers a carrying case or other features that may make your life easier.

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