Why Ice is So Dangerous to All of Your Oral Tissues

Posted on 7/23/2019 by Roberta Cerveny, DDS
Why Ice is So Dangerous to All of Your Oral TissuesIce is such a simple thing. It is just frozen water. It does not have any taste and it does not contain any calories. It can help your body stay hydrated and it can make drinks taste better by making them cold. While there are plenty of reasons to use ice, there are also reasons to avoid ice. Ice is dangerous to your oral tissues. Learning the dangers can change the way that you use ice.

Damage from Chewing on Ice

Ice is frozen water. That means it is a hard material. Your teeth are also a hard material. When two hard materials meet, one of them is bound to break. In most cases when you chew on ice it is the ice that will break. But unfortunately, that does not happen all the time. Many people suffer cracked, chipped, broken or loose teeth because of chewing ice.

Chewing on ice can force the teeth to move from the position that they should be in. The fact that ice can damage your teeth should be enough of a reason for people not to do it. If you need more convincing, think about the other things that can happen to your oral health.

More Oral Health Issues

When you have broken, cracked, chipped or loose teeth, you put yourself at risk for a myriad of other problems. The gaps created from the damaged teeth can become breeding grounds for bacteria that can lead to tooth decay. Loose and chipped teeth can cause swelling in the gum tissue. If cavities start to form, they can not only affect the teeth but also the gums. If you are missing teeth because of chewing ice, you can put your jaw tissue at risk.

Ice is risky for your teeth, but those risks also can spread easily to the other tissues in the mouth. It is not worth taking the chance for something that has little taste and does so much damage.

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