What Happens When a Filling Becomes Loose?

Posted on 7/13/2019 by Roberta Cerveny, DDS
What Happens When a Filling Becomes Loose?The most basic treatment when you have a cavity is to get a filling. The filling can come in different forms, including gold, silver amalgams, plastic and composite resins. The fillings take care of the cavity, but they are not always perfect. They may or may not last forever.

They can also become loose for different reasons. The question that you need to ask is what they should do if their filling becomes loose. You need to understand what a loose filling means and what you need to do about it.

Why a Filling is Loose

There are many different reasons a filling can become loose. Some people will continue to experience tooth decay even after getting a filling. The decay will cause gaps to form between the teeth and the filling which will allow it to become loose. Unless you get treatment for the decay, the filling will become even looser and will eventually fall out.

Another common reason for a tooth to become loose is trauma. Biting down too hard on something with the filling or getting hit in the area around the filling could cause the filling to loosen or completely fall out.

What to Do
When you have a loose filling, it is important to come into our office. You may experience pain and sensitivity in the area around the loose filling. While a loose filling is not usually an emergency, getting seen as soon as possible is the key to preventing more damage from occurring. Neglecting the loose filling can lead to the structure of the tooth becoming weaker, the filling falling out completely and additional tooth decay. Once you get to the office, we can remove the loose filling and repair any damage that led to the loose filling before replacing it.

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