Ways of Overcoming Fear of a Root Canal

Posted on 5/30/2019 by Roberta Cerveny, DDS
Ways of Overcoming Fear of a Root CanalResearch has indicated that as many as 70% of the population has a fear at some point in their lives of the dentist. This is especially true if you need to have a root canal because one of your teeth are infected. Although the name “root canal” is enough to scare anybody, it doesn't have to.

There are several ways that you can work to overcome your fears of a root canal. Keep reading to find out how to overcome your fears, and get that procedure done.

Fears? What Fears?
A lot of people worry about root canals. So, if you're one of those people, we have some ideas for you to conquer your fears and get moving on that root canal. First, you need to get informed about what a root canal is and how it will benefit your infected tooth to have it done. Second, find a dentist who is understanding and sympathetic to your fears. If he or she tries to laugh off your fears, or is dismissive of them, they are not the right dentist for you.

Third, discuss your options for pain management before, during and after the procedure. Adults are most afraid of pain, according to the research, so if you get your pain managed, your fears may be managed as well. You may also want to discuss sedation with the dentist as well. Some adults are concerned about sedation, while others welcome it. If you would rather be sedated for a root canal- or not- you need to discuss your concerns with a dentist before the procedure.

If you suspect you may need a root canal, or you have been told you need one and you are afraid, why not give us a call? We will do our best to talk with you about all of your concerns and make any dental procedure you have with us as stress and pain free as possible.

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