When is Open Mouth Breathing an Oral Health Problem?

Posted on 3/30/2019 by Roberta Cerveny, DDS
When is Open Mouth Breathing an Oral Health Problem? Lots of commercials and jokes made about “mouth breathers” and people who breathe through their mouths when they sleep. However, mouth breathers are nothing to joke about. Mouth breathing can become a serious health issue if it is not properly treated.

Signs of Mouth Breathing

You may not even realize that you are breathing through your mouth rather than your nose. There are some signs that you may be breathing through your mouth. If your lips and mouth feel constantly dried out, and you experience chronic bad breath, you may be breathing through your mouth.

Your partner may also tell you that you sleep with your mouth open or that you snore. Another telltale sign of mouth breathing is an increasing number of airway infections, such as frequent sinus infections or ear infections.

Why Mouth Breathing is a Problem

Because mouth breathing dries out your mouth, it can lead to oral health problems. Dry mouth means you have less saliva produced, and saliva helps to wash away bacteria, as well as neutralize acid. Dry mouth means that bacteria in your mouth are able to multiply, which can cause all kinds of problems.

The biggest problem is gum disease, which is a dangerous oral health problem, because gum disease can cause health issues throughout the body. Examples of health issues that can be brought on by gum disease include mouth infections, heart disease, stroke and complications to diabetics.

If you are not sure whether you may be breathing through your mouth, why not make an appointment, and let us help you figure out whether you have a problem with mouth breathing. We can also figure out your next steps if you do have an issue with breathing through your mouth. Why not give us a call today, and let us schedule a time for you to come in and see us?

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